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Trade Show Magician and Entertainment by Nick Crown

Nick’s objective is to make your company or product stand out among the rest and Increase leads when exhibiting at a trade show.

Nick will provide a unique tailored service, which will help achieve maximum results for your business when exhibiting at a trade show.

Engage… Inform…. Entertain

Nick works closely with a group of advisers who are experts in their field, some trained in the performing arts, others are experts in communication techniques. All have extensive knowledge in branding, marketing and face-to-face sales. It’s this mixture, which makes him unique and makes you stand out!

His aim- is to help your business create maximum success (whatever the objective) in a tradeshow environment. Only half of companies who have a set of objectives ever follow through on their stand. Nick believes this is mainly down to a lack of tradeshow training’. The majority of businesses assume that if a colleague can sell or advise in their job roles, they will be able to do so in a tradeshow environment. This is normally not the case. Even if your product/service is unique, it is down to you to make people notice it, that’s where Nick comes in!
He will create large crowds and qualify clients to make sure that you get the right leads and you get your company message across in an entertaining and memorable way!

How he does it:

3 Steps to Success

There are 3 steps to ensure you get the most from exhibiting at a tradeshow.

Step 1 – Consultation

Nick will meet you in person and ask a few questions on your objectives for the tradeshow. He wants to get a good understanding about your company product/service.
He will discuss the different services on offer and work out the best option for your company to achieve Maximum success at the trade show.
Once agreed on the service we can proceed to the second stage

Step 2 – Creating a tradeshow presentation

Nick will collect any information he needs from you regarding the product/service. He will then work closely with a team of advisors to create a unique magical presentation, which will, entertain, attract and inform potential clients in a unique and memorable way.

Step 3 – Action

He will put all the hard work into play. Just watch those qualified leads roll in!